Nurse and Health Services



Nurse Sarah will be at school one day per week.

Reach Sarah at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 509-345-2541 ext. 252




Medications & Health Conditions

Medication Instruction Letter to Parents/Guardians – for all meds

Oral Medication Form – pills and liquid meds

Severe Allergies Requiring Epi-pen

Severe Allergy Action Plan – EpiPen

Bee sting questionnaire

Food allergy questionnaire



Asthma Plan and Medication Orders -2018 (both sides must be completed)

Asthma Info for School-Parent


Seizure Care Plan – w/ Diastat orders

Med Auth for Anticonvulsants

Seizure Parent Questionnaire



The Flu: A Guide For Parents
     Spanish Version

Take 3 Actions to Fight The Flu


Dietary/ Food Service

Parent Letter for Diet Accommodations 2018

Request for Special Dietary Accommodations

Food allergy questionnaire


Nut Aware


Nut Aware Letter to Families



The State requires that Families provide a Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form which shows the Immunizations or Exemptions your child has on file for School. If the CIS needs to be updated or immunizations added to the existing form, please contact the School Office or send a copy of the most recent vaccines.

Certificate of Immunization Status

Certificate of Exemption  (Spanish)

Measles Information

Preschool Immunization Chart For Parents

Kindergarten-12th Grade Immunization Chart For Parents

Families, if you would like personal access to your child’s Official Immunization Records online, you can sign-up for “MyIR,” a free tool for parents/guardians.

To register, follow the link below.

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