Medications & Health Conditions

Medication Instruction Letter to Parents/Guardians – for all meds

Oral Medication Form – pills and liquid meds

Severe Allergies Requiring Epi-pen

Severe Allergy Action Plan – EpiPen

Bee sting questionnaire

Food allergy questionnaire


Asthma Plan and Medication Orders -2018 (both sides must be completed)

Asthma Info for School-Parent


Seizure Care Plan – w/ Diastat orders

Med Auth for Anticonvulsants

Seizure Parent Questionnaire


The Flu: A Guide For Parents
     Spanish Version

Take 3 Actions to Fight The Flu



Stop The Spread Of Germs
Parent-Cargiver Gude to Helping Families Cope with COVID-19

DOH Guide To Cloth Face Coverings

Mask Do’s and Don’ts

Please protect one another from COVID19

Wear Masks – Show you care   (Spanish Version)

COVID Provider Clearance Form – Return to School after Illness

COVID Vaccines – What Parents of Minors Should Know

COVID 19 Screening Flow Chart

Head Lice Information

Head lice information letter