Welcome to the second half of the 2023/24 School year!


In the first half of the school year we welcomed new teachers, Mrs. Kelsey Knapp teaching our 1st/2nd class, Ms. Katie Keane teaching our 5th/6th class, Mrs. Loni Koziol as our Title I/LAP teacher and director and intervention specialist. They have been doing an outstand job for our students and we were happy to welcome them to our school.

We have had a few other changes. Ms. Judge is now Mrs. Hobbs! Congratulations from the entire staff!

The last time I put a new message on the website we were just getting ready to return to a five day school week. It has be a positive change for the students and the staff. While we are still feeling the pinch of learning loss during those days, we are showing a definite steady improvement in our students and their academic success.

We are running a replacement levy on February 13, 2024. This will replace our current levy that expires later this year. The levy funds help us to meet the needs of our students. Our district is small and yet you, the voters, have always been generous in passing our levys. After I started working in Wilson Creek, the legislators have put a cap on our levy lid. We are required to ask no more than $2.50 per $1000. of assessed value of your property. I would like to thank you in advance for continuing your time honored tradition of supporting the school. It has been our honor to work with your students.

As we continue into the second semester, feel free to come in and see how we are doing. Our school board meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month in our conference room at 6:00 PM. If you have any questions, comments or concerns give us a call! The Wilson Creek School District is on FIRE for learning!

Laura Christian